Thursday, 15 December 2011


jacket; Thrift
shirt; Thrift
bag; Zara
boots; Jeffrey Campbell

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Fur Collar

coat; Urban Outfitters
jumper; Topshop
necklace; Forever 21

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sun Beams

Let's just call these photos...artistic? It does start getting dark around 3:30 so I really had to edit the shit out of these to make myself bearly visible. The government really need to stop making the clocks go back..i'm in serious need of vitamin D and more importantly bloggers need natural light!
coat; Tk Maxx
skirt; H&M
shirt; Thrift
bag; Zara
boots; Jeffrey Campbell

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Leopard Print Creepers

Hmmm I gotta admit i'm not completely in love with creepers on me, I think they make my feet look huge and pair that with my pint-size's not a great combo, really. I didnt fork out mega-bucks for real ones though and got these imitation ones fairly cheap-ish on ebay. I'd still like to go in U.O and try on a pair just to make double sure an extra £80 won't make them look better..orrrr maybe I should just leave it for the girls on tumblr!
 coat; Thrift
jumper; Primark
bag; Zara
creepers; Ebay

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Outfit Post - Denim + Cream

Preppy? 90's? Grunge? God knows! It was highly inappropriate to wear a skirt of this sort on such a bitter morning, but I had ordered it online nearly 2 months ago (when weather would have been more suited) and it finally decided to land on my doormat now. Stubborn as I am, I put on my best 'its not really that cold' face and secretly hoped that the heat generated from the constant friction between my toes and my litas would radiate to my lower legs. It did not.
 denim jacket; Vintage
jumper; H&M
shirt; Primark
skirt; H&M
bag, Zara
boots; Jeffrey Campbell
cross necklace; D.I.Y

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ebay - Shop my Closet

Hey everyone, just letting you know I'm having a massive clear out of my closet. I'm redecorating my bedroom and need to declutter and well...I have A LOT of stuff. So check out my ebay if you fancy a bargain. I'll be adding more things in the following weeks so keep checking back :)
Here are a few things that are on there now...

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Outfit Post - Aztec and Velvet

The weather has well and truly taken a turn for the worse so I opted for a velvet maxi skirt with thick tights underneath rather than my usual floaty chiffon ones...and look! No pleats! :o This outfit would of looked a lot cooler if only I could of motivated myself into finally dying the ends of my hair a "crazy" colour. I'm in 'can't be bothered' mode right now which i can't seem to switch off.
 jacket; Primark
velvet skirt; Thrift
top; Topshop
bag; Zara
shoes; Jeffrey Campbell
spike bracelet; Forever 21

p.s UK readers. If you want to grab yourself a bargain then check out my friends ebay store here

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Outfit Post Details - Collar Tips

I never usually wear much gold jewellery and are always drawn to silver when shopping. However I couldn't resist this shirt I saw on asos in the sale and it also gave me the chance to wear the gold version of those cross earrings I've been wearing constantly. I really didnt used to like collar tips..that is until I saw Rihanna in the We Found Love video and have been pretty much obsessed ever since. I'm now on the lookout for (of course!) some silver ones to attach to a black shirt I've bought especially. p.s ignore the hair, I left the house with it wet and I absolutely HATE my cowlick!
 shirt; Asos
earrings; Topshop

p.p.s I was contacted by Vantage Point Vintage, an online vintage store to offer my readers a 10% off coupon code...just use the code tangledupinclothes at the check out.

I have my eyes on this, this and this. They have some real cool shorts too!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Outfit Post - Camouflage

Bored of seeing me in a black maxi yet? I'm going to have to start wearing tights underneath soon because its getting awfully chilly! I love camouflage print at the moment and was torn between buying a £12 vintage army jacket or an expensive "vintage" urban outfitters one...I went with outfitters. I'm glad I did because its super soft and short in length unlike most others. I might go all out and buy some camo print trousers to match...perhaps not!
jacket; Urban Outfitters
jumper; Topshop
skirt; Thrift
bag; Zara
boots; Jeffrey Campbell
necklace; Forever 21

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Outfit Post - Denim Vest

I did fishtail braids for the first time ever! I know they look like normal plaits in the photos but I promise they're not. I'm seriously considering cutting my hair just above the shoulders sort of like a shaggy grown out bob...ok like alexa chungs! I'm not the sort of girl whos attached to her hair and would have no problem getting out the scissors now (I cut and colour my own hair) and hacking it all off but I will seriously miss not being able to do things like milkmaid braids and huge top-knot buns. So I'm really conflicted. I got asked for i-d in a pub last week because the barman would not believe I was over 18...I was like ermm im 23!! So I think a shorter do might make me look a little older and also im a bit bored of my ombre, i've had it for a while so I think maybe its time for a change. What dya think?
 hoodie; Vintage
denim vest; Vintage + d.i.y
skirt; Thrift
boots; JC Litas
bag; Zara
cross earrings; U.O