Monday, 26 April 2010

natasha & magdalena

Natasha Poly: Vogue Paris May 2010
photographed by Mario Sorrenti

Could this woman be any more incredible! I usually choose a few of my favourites to post but i had to show the whole editorial. It makes me long for a really hot summer..and for tube socks with converse high tops.

Magdalena Frackowiak Vogue Germany May 2010

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wish List

These are like my dream shoes. No literally i dreamt about them a couple of nights back. I am sooooo willing to buy them (at £115) but cant find them anywhere :( They've sold out on some of the websites they were selling them...i read somewhere they'll be on UrbanOutfitters site shortly..but they're not! I'd wear these babies with some bright purple (or some other bright colour) socks...i think the contrast would look cool.


Ooooh Topshop, my most favourite store of them all. They've gone completely nude crazy and so have I! Im desperate to get that bralet (top left corner). I'm not keen on the wearing them over t-shirts look, but i would wear this on its own with some high-waisted tapered trousers. Underwear worn on the outside is huge this summer but i think these dresses are a great alternative. They are so pretty and have that nightie feel about them..without actually having to go out in your nightwear!

I dont own too many floral pieces as i feel they never really look right on me, but when i do they tend to be more vintage looking, liberty print styles. I love the dress (top right corner) bolero (bottom left corner) and corset (bottom right)

and now for something completely different
Still Topshop....and omg, i want all these!! I love nothing more than oversized and distressed things..i'm definately making a purchase on the cure combines the oversized and i love the cure! perfect :) haha. I've also fallen hard for the demin vest and the one next to it...very Wang indeed. There are many pieces in topshop that look as though they could of come right from the alexander wang line and they've got some really amazing tapered joggers in at the moment...far better than the ones i got a month back..darn!
These are again topshop and can i just! ok so il never be able to buy £130 for the gilet and £250 for the jacket, ouch! I can dream though.

River Island
I stopped dead in my tracks when i came across those shoes (top left). I love the cream and turquoise together and leopard print heel and bow and cut out detail...ok sounds a lot when you write it down and you'd imagine they would be too fussy but somehow it works and i ADORE them. The belt next to it has probably been on my wishlist seen the beginning of december..i almost bought it, but put it back out of guilt. I'm surprised to still see them on the site, perhaps they've re-released them. I just think it would jazz up any plain dress especially if your in a hurry. They're also selling the henry holland house tights which again i think would liven up a simple dress on a night out. oooh and how i need that bag in my life! All the bags i own are kinda masculine with lots studding detail and other hardware. This one however is so feminine and despite reminding me of victoria try to put that to the back of my mind and carry on loving it haha.
I think these will be great for the festivals just thrown on over a plain white tee and jeans with boots.

My 3 favourite (affordable) sunnies at the moment. I stole these pics from a magazine but threw it out so im trying my hardest to remember where these glasses are from. I'm pretty sure the first set are from h&m and the price was something ridiculously reasonable like £8 The second pair i think are topshop..if not then there are some really similiar for £18. The last ones i really can't remember but they have these clubmaster styles everywhere..and usually in more colours than what ray-ban do. I own some ray-ban wayfarers that i wear all the time, which can get some coloured ones would make a change.

ok i think ive rambled on long enough. i woke up really really early this morning and wanted to kill some time! :)

Monday, 19 April 2010

maxi skirt

My outfit from yesterday. I wanted to be comfy so opted for a maxi skirt, vest and cardi. I added some rosary beads and a pair of circle lennon glasses to give a more...hippie vibe maybe?? I felt very Mary Kate wearing this, i always look to her when she wears oversized stuff and maxi skirts and dresses, because like me shes very very short and we're constantly told as short people we shouldn't wear long garments haha. But she pulls it off so well so i definately look to her for inspiration copy her!

cardigan; Topshop. maxi skirt; River Island. Boots; Aldo.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Jewellery Lusts

1. Fiona Paxton statement silver plate necklace £255  2. Gilda’s Tryst brushed gold cuff  3. Alexander McQueen gold multi-spike bracelet. From £895  4. Yves Saint Laurent gold ring with two coral gemstones £230  5. Bottega Veneta oxydized silver and stone bib necklace £4985  6. Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci bib necklace  7. Lanvin black panther bracelet £835  8. Lara Bohnic crusade bangle £285

How utterly divine are these pieces! I have a real obsession for all things oversized, especially with jewellery. Now I know i will never be able to afford any of these but i like to look at them every now and again to get some sort of inspiration. im crap at buying jewellery because i never know what i really want and whether certain styles suit me or not. i always end up buying little pendant necklaces or rosarys..which i have a major weak spot for too, but they just get so boring. the perfect bib necklace can instantly change an outfit and give that lbd a new, refreshed look.
I still love the ysl rings. I don't think i'll ever stop wanting one...
...i just love how the gold drips over the gems on some of them..stunning! i would literally wear them all at the same time lol

My Buys
cross necklace; Topshop. chunky chain necklace; New Look. amber gem multi-chain necklace; asos. silver chain cuff; New Look. silver bracelet; New Look. rings; both Topshop

So here are some of my buys this past month. Every shop i go in there seems to be a 2 for 1 of course i take full advantage of that! Arguably not as nice as the first set (OK of course not as nice as the designer ones) but they're a lot nicer on my bank balance :)

These are some of the jewellery that i wear pretty much everyday. I don't mind wearing gold and silver together, i know its breaking the rules..but who cares. However the one thing i cant stand is..say if im wearing all silver jewellery i cannot have the hardware on either my bag or shoes gold and vise versa. haha stupid i know!
I get most of my jewellery from either thrift stores or the good old high street.
I'm on the lookout for an oversized masculine watch..preferably gold and im desperately searching for a body harness. I know they're supposed to be some in h&m but ive never come across them, and the ones on asos are like £200 pfft!! come on topshop, catch up with the rest of europe! I had every intention of d.i.y-ing one myself..i sat there ready with some old chains and a pair of pliers and stared at it for about 10 mins until i realised i had NO clue what i was doing haha!

oh and fyi...dont google picture body harness or body chains lol. unless you dont mind a bit of pop-up porn!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Whole Bunch Of Inspiration

I came across this really cool street style site based in Tokyo
Their style is really out there, very theatrical, essentric and really really wonderful to look at. The girls (and most of the boys) look like walking pieces of art and embrace extravagant, bold fashion, bringing couture to the streets.
These photos ive chosen are more of the "safe" outfits, because although they do all inspire me and ive been gawping at this site for about an hour straight now, i know il never wear a bunch of teddy bears for a necklace or creepers that are about 10 inches high!

ok, thats all for now. hope you've been inspired!! :)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Monday, 12 April 2010

Garden Collection Dress

dress; H&M Garden Collection
clutch; Primark
shoes; Topshop
cardigan; Topshop

Make-up; FrontCover eyeshadow in 'Lagoon' and 'Bougainvillea.' No7  Sheer Temptation Lipstick in 'Attract.' 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in 'Sea Breeze'