Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Leopard Print Creepers

Hmmm I gotta admit i'm not completely in love with creepers on me, I think they make my feet look huge and pair that with my pint-size's not a great combo, really. I didnt fork out mega-bucks for real ones though and got these imitation ones fairly cheap-ish on ebay. I'd still like to go in U.O and try on a pair just to make double sure an extra £80 won't make them look better..orrrr maybe I should just leave it for the girls on tumblr!
 coat; Thrift
jumper; Primark
bag; Zara
creepers; Ebay


  1. nice nails how did you do them?! i'm not sure about my creepers either - only worn them once, dont think i can get away with them! yours look good though - like the leopard print! xx

  2. ooh, i like, i like! i think they look great on you.


  3. I think they look cool on you, no doubt. In my opinion they bring a twist to your personal style :)


  4. Creepers are one of those weird things it's totally difficult to pull off AND feel like you good look while wearing. Yours are cool though, I dig the leopard print, and they look fine on ya.

  5. I just bought docs and I'm the same, I LOVE them but I still have to get used to how they look on me. They make me look so short and they are so big! :D I want creepers too, where did you get yours?

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