Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Outfit Post - Campbell Clogs

I do love these Jeffrey Campbell clogs but they are the most painful shoes ever. They're incredibly easy to walk in but they pinch your feet so bad...I literally have no skin left on my was a bloodbath! I'm definitely going to have to start wearing socks or at least tights with these..which is fine because it is absolutely freezing! Do excuse my rather sophisticated plastic bag courtesy of Salvation Army. I bought a couple of shirts and one pleated skirt...I can't leave a charity shop without a least buying one wouldn't be right.
I got the cardigan i'm wearing from the British Heart Foundation for £4 and I think it's my favourite charity purchase this year..I can't get enough of its twisted edges and cuffs!
 cardigan; Thrift
dress; Thrift
bag; Vintage
clogs; Jeffrey Campbell

Monday, 29 August 2011

Outfit Post - Fade To Grey

jumper; New Look
dress; River Island
shoes; Primark
bag; Vintage

I wanted to wear a floral maxi dress for probably the last time this summer...but I also wanted to stay warm so I threw a jumper on over the top. I have a tendency to wear sheer floaty materials with chunky knitwear...I like the contrast it creates.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Milkmaid Braids for Rainy Days

top; Thrift
tie dye scarf; Primark
earrings; Urban Outfitters

It rained all day. I hate the way my hair looks when it gets caught by the rain and that nasty foggy stuff that lingers in the air hours after which likes to frizz even the flattest and straightest of! Milk braids to the your worst bad weather! :p  Oh and the outfit was nothing special, I just wore a plain black jersey skirt and converse on the bottom...hardly picture worthy.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Outfit Post - Lazy

Another pleated skirt with a tucked in top, same old clogs, same old bag and same old about style rut! This is always the outfit I throw on when I have about 10 mins to get ready....because you can literally throw it on. Clogs are the greatest shoes because theres no fussing around with buckles or laces, you just slip them on and off again in a second. Jeans and trousers are a slight hassle with having to balance on one leg..skirts are so much easier especially if you're tucking in a top that has a lot of material...smoothing out lumps and bumps is far too much work for me! What can I say, I'm a very very lazy dresser!

vest; T by A.Wang
skirt; Thrift
clogs; Zara
bag; Vintage

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Look what I've got!

Ohhh yes, thats right...I finally own a pair of Litas! I feel like I should do a little celebratory dance or something. I can't wait to wear these bad boys during autumn...and for every day until I die :)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Outfit Post - Open Arms

The top i’m wearing here is actually a dress from topshop, i’ve just tucked it into a skirt. I love the sleeves on it. It has slits going from the shoulder to the elbow and then from the elbow to the wrists…perfect for keeping cool on a hot day. I've been unintentionally wearing a lot of pink recently. It's a colour I've avoided in the past but shades of the stuff keep popping up in my wardrobe pleading to be worn. So I oblige. Yes, this bag IS attached to my hip lol, I can't help but wear it. It makes dressy outfits seem less dressy, its tan...what doesn't go with tan?? and its big enough to fit all my 'neccessary' crap!
dress (worn as top); Topshop
skirt; Thrift
shoes; Topshop
bag; Vintage

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Outfit Post - Faulty Skirt

I'm in love with this skirt. I bought it for £15 at New Look from the faulty rail...but for the life of me can't find the fault?? Usually zips are broken or seams are ripped but I couldnt see any issues. Theres normally a tag detailing whats wrong but i didnt want to ask just incase they were like "yeahhh you're right, back to original price it goes!" lol so i bought it anyways, very glad I did. Its was a gloomy, sunny, drizzly, hot,  windy day all rolled into one so I threw over a khaki jacket when it got too chilly and shoved it into my bag when it got too warm. One of the many perks living in england :/
 skirt; New Look
t-shirt; New Look
jacket; Primark
boots; Asos
bag; Vintage
earrings; Urban Outfitters

Friday, 12 August 2011

Outfit Post - Sheer Pink Polkas

There is nothing better in life than wearing a floaty sheer dress and dancing with the sun setting behind you. These photos aren't the greatest quality..i had my camera on the wrong setting duhhh. Im completely in love with this dress and plan on wearing cable knit sweaters over the top and boots for a/w...I'm going to get as much wear out of it as i can before it falls apart and goes off to primark heaven with all the other low quality goods lol. It is slightly unflattering though as its 2 sizes bigger than what i usually am so there is just so much material it does make me look a little bigger...but it was the last one and well...i wanted it! Maybe if anyone has any tips? Bear in mind I don't own a sewing machine and I'm not going to fork out like £30 to get a £17 dress altered professionally lol.
dress; Primark
cardigan; Topshop
shoes; Topshop
backpack; Vintage

This is one of the things I bought the other day that I can cross off my winter wants list...a backpack! It's vintage, not too big, a light beige colour with lots of compartments..perfect! Have a good weekend everyone:)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Outfit Post - Sort Of...

I feel a bit of dick doing a fashion post right now in the midst of whats going on but flicking from one news station to the next then twitter and facebook...its making me crazy. My hometown looks wrecked as do many other cities and i've seen footage of shops being burnt to the ground, police cars set alight, endless violence and looting. I have friends that work right in the city centre and my dads a police officer whos having to deal with everything right now...its a scary time and I don't want it to get any worse. I hope the rest of the world knows we're not all like that. I dont mind protests and stuff when its for a cause but these are just opportunists jumping on the bangwagon. Violence and frightening people is not fighting the government.
However, life can't stop and we must go on.
jumper; ??
skirt; Primark
bag; Vintage
clogs; Topshop

These pics were taken the day before the riots. Theres nothing fancy in that selfridges bag btw...just some hershey's bars lol. I had my first one in New York some years back and it tasted like vomit covered in a thin layer of chocolate I decided to give them another go and they were yummy. I'd obviously had a bad batch the first time round. The prize for the most unflatting jumper goes to...the one i'm wearing! I love chunky knits but this makes my arms look butch haha...i will unroll the sleeves next time. I went shopping with mum..(aren't shopping trips with mothers the best, she always pays for lunch lol) I'm proud to announce I stuck to my winter wants list and its safe to say I can tick off about 4 things. I've also ordered something from the list that will be here any day now...i'm super excited about it!!

I hope everyone stays safe tonight!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Triangle/Navajo Nails

I'm really obsessed with triangles at the minute. Any jewellery or clothing with some sort of a triangle on you'll be sure I'm running to the till with it!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Winter Wants

navajo print coat; Asos £100     white fur collar coat + fur gilets; all Topshop prices unknown yet     Jeffrey Campbell Litas; Office £120    backpack; Topshop £32     hats; both New Look £9.99 each     gold spike earrings; Topshop £8   silver necklace; Forever 21 £5.65  silver spike earrings; Forever 21  £3.15

The title is pretty self-explanatory as to what these items are. Everytime I go shopping I never really go in search of something I need and as a result end up buying a tonne of stuff that a) i already have something similar to or b) it doesn't really fit in with the rest of my wardrobe. So I'm only allowing myself to buy these items for winter....and nothing else!! Now some of these are pretty pricey items but they are things that I do really really want and have loved for a while. I've wanted litas for god knows how long and they're going to go with all the maxi and midi skirts I own but also look cool with jeans. I also need a really nice statement coat and I saw this navajo print coat in an asos magazine last month and knew there and then I had to have it...I'm currently waiting patiently for asos to put it on the site...hurry up guys! I've wanted a backpack for a while now doesnt have to be that topshop one, but its a pretty nice example. Also from Topshop are the 3 jackets in the top right corner...I'm obviously not going to buy all 3, I get a feeling they're going to be in the £150 price range...but I've pined over those gilets since the previews for the collection came out. The hats....well because you can never own too many hats and they can transform a dull outfit....and the jewellery?....I am obsessed with spiked jewellery and own a total of zero pieces haha!
    So do you think I can do it?? Save my money for expensive items I really want and need or blow it all away in a mad shopping frenzy in primark. What are some of you winter wants?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Outfit Post - Sheer Stripes

sweater; Topshop
skirt; Thrift
boots; Isabel Marant Asos
bag; Vintage
hat; TK Maxx