Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Girl Crush

i-D Magazine; Gemma Arterton

I would do seriously wrong things to get those wang glasses (1st pic)...but anyways, my current girl obsession is the gorgeous Gemma Arterton. I think shes the definition of classic beauty and has that english rose look about her. I think she has the perfect type of figure too...not too skinny like the fashion images we're exposed to all the time, she just looks like a healthy young woman, making her a great role model. Whenever I see her in interviews or on the red carpet she always has very little make up on, hair tied back and wearing some simple, non fussy, elegant dress. She always looks incredibly polished but in a effortless way. She makes me want to scrub off my fake tan, strip my hair of all its dye and chuck out my mac nw40 haha! But then again i wasn't blessed with her features so on second keep my fake shit! :) Gemma Arterton...i salute you for embracing your natural beauty!


  1. Wow, these photos are beautiful, well, she is beautiful! Her facial expressions remind me of Gwen Stefanie (the mouth!), but, as you said, she's more natural. Very pretty yound lady! And I also love the pink chunky knit sweater to bits!'re right, not everyone is blessed with this natural beauty, I'd never look so pretty without my make-up haha :)

  2. You'd look awesome in those sunglasses! I agree, she's a natural beauty and probably doesn't ever need make-up. (Damn her!) And how lucky is she to get to share the screen with Jake Gyllhen-magoo or however you spell his last name in the Prince of Persia?!

  3. Ooh I absolutely love Gemma as well! Ever since I saw her in Tess of the D'Urbervilles on TV I just thought she was completely perfect! And I totally agree that she has the perfect figure, just normal and really healthy, I'm so tired of seeing all these celebrities get skinnier and skinnier, it's just the worst image to portray to people!