Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Outfit Post

jacket; Thrift
denim shirt; Primark
wedges; Asos
Ugh! I look horrendously awful in these photos. No make up..well apart from a bit of eyeliner, pale skin and baddddd hair. It was the first time in about 5 years that I went outside without foundation on...and I felt completely naked. I'm starting to get spots around my chin and jawline so im giving my skin a "break." Anybody know of any good face washes/creams I could try?? I got this jacket from a charity shop..and I'm not gunna lie, its huge and would look soooo much better on a taller person! But whatevs, it kept me warm!


  1. You still look beautiful without makeup so don't worry. I love the coat!

    Do you have Cetaphil in the UK? I use it to cleanse my face, it's very gentle and works well.

  2. Naomi, your beautiful!!!


  3. I love the coat, I think it looks so good on you and it looks so cozy and warm indeed!

    Yes I know it's so strange to leave the house without make up but it's reasonable to do so when your skin needs a break. You also look cute without make up :)

  4. giving your skin a break is definately good...and you feel so smug at the end of it... i always use this

    and think its pretty good.love the coat btw!