Friday, 24 December 2010

Outfit Post

coat; Primark
dress; Primark
hat; River Island
brogues; Primark
bag; Vintage

What I wore to do some last minute shopping on christmas eve. People are mental! Shops are shut for one day guys, you dont need 4 trollys of food and enough rolls of toilet paper to teepee the white house lol. Anyways, Merry Christmas everyone and a happy/SAFE New Year...i'm going to try and not end up in hospital this time! :)


  1. This outfit is probably one of my favorite of yours, you look adorable! I love the hat and and the bow on your dress! FANTASTIC outfit!

    What's the story about ending up in the hospital last year???

    Merry Christmas, Naomi!

  2. I looooove that dress, please send it to me! we also had to go out to buy food today for the next few days and yes, people were insane.

  3. Love the dress! And is such a steal from primark! I never find things like that...

    My new blog, xox