Tuesday, 4 January 2011

a great start to saving money!

My main resolution this year was to start saving and stop spending so much money on clothes. But at 2 in the morning last night I couldn't sleep and foolishly decided to check out the asos sale and ended buying those 2 peterpan collar dresses..then I went on to order the top right hand corner blouse from New Look and the Topshop shirt below and the bow tie from Urban Outfitters. I also got those shoes at £75 from topshop a day before new years eve on the condition I would return them if I decided not to wear them. Turns out I didn't end up wearing them for new years....and im still keeping them.

The worst thing is...
...i'm seriously tempted in buying these too. Whats even worse is...

...I had one of those slip thingys telling me I was out went something needed to be delivered and I cannot for the life of me remember what it is I ordered haaaha! 
Ok so more realistic (realistic for me) resolutions....1. learn how to use ebay....2. sleep at appropriate hours, my sleeping patterns are ridiculous...3. read more books...4. visit family more.


  1. Ha ha, OOPS! That's okay, one of my resolutions was to stop spending so much money on clothes and make-up and guess where I went after Yoga tonight? To the drugstore where I picked up a kohl eye liner, a blush and a lipstick. Oops for me!

    I think you're totally gonna rock those Peter Pan collared dresses though!

  2. wow you have such a cool blog, and may i say i adore your long hair- perfect. saving money is so damn hard with all the prospects of spring collections on the way :(



    The Flower Girl


  3. but they are so all so beautiful :)

    so maybe it is alright to buy more , yes :)

    the stupid post men I'm always in yet they just give them out anyway :(

  4. i adore those salmony colored shoes! very pretty


  5. hahaha, some things are just too pretty to pass up on :D I firmly believe all people have a bit of a collecters-gen. For some it's cars, for some it's figurines, for us it's dresses and shoes :D

  6. I love the peter pan collars, they suit everyone. Your blog is lovely :)