Thursday, 8 September 2011

Outfit Post - Red Skirt

skirt; Primark
top; Thrift
shoes; Topshop
bag; Vintage

I think this is the only time ive taken a photo when theres people around..and I do NOT like it lol. So I only managed these measly couple. I think a lace sleeveless top and a bright red sheer maxi skirt might of been a bit o.t.t just to wear to ikea but toned down with my trusty jacket and slouchy bag made it more casual. Does blogger make anyone elses photo quality worse? I swear these photos don't look this grainy!


  1. same thing here I don't like when people are around. feels so weird :D I really like your red skirt <3 I'm still searching >:

  2. love the outfit!
    same thing
    hate people around, especially how they stare or ruin the picture!

    will be glad if you follow or atleast pass by


  3. I've told you before, red is a beautiful color on you! Love the skirt with your top. I HATE taking outfit pics in front of people, too that's why most of mine are taken in my alley lol. Do you photoshop your photos? Because that will reduce the quality of the original.

  4. Really? Primark!!! Im going to look for it because its amazing!!!! your outfit awesome to!!!!

    nice nice blog! come to see mine?


  5. thanks :)

    marie: no, haven't got photoshop but i do play around with the contrasts and stuff on picasa. It's only recently that the quality has got worse, sigh!

  6. I always feel funny taking photos around groups of other people... you don't need to STARE folks, geez XD I really love that skirt, great pop of colour.

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  8. I'm a total loser about taking pics around people as well, haha

    that skirt is gorgeous and makes you look so tall!

  9. It can be pretty embarassing haha, I think you did well! I adore that skirt so much xx

  10. hey naomi, I'm going to dye my ends pink, how did you do it last time?

  11. This is a great outfit!! You suit skirts so well x x x