Sunday, 30 January 2011

Just some random photos I've taken this week. I've been a shockingly bad blogger this month and have seriously lacked outfit posts. I truly live in sweatshirts, demin shirts and the same winter coat over and over and over im a little uninspired. I watched the movie Labyrinth this week..perhaps my favourite childhood movie and the start of my obsession with David Bowie. My mum had to put this film on everyday (sometimes twice a day) for about a year when I was 5...I could NOT get enough! I think David Bowie was my first crush, Lady Gaga can back the f*ck off!
The sunnies and the shoes are whats in the primark bag...I've bought SO many things for summer, why do shops insist on bringing out the summer stuff in january! It just a constant reminder that in fact it ISN'T summer! :(

And I'll end on this video from Labyrinth. Please watch it and I'll leave you alone lol...I think the song starts like 2 mins in..and how beautiful is Jennifer Connelly!

Friday, 28 January 2011


Everything is pretty much from Topshop except the floral blouse which is Primark and the green skirt which is vintage. Besides anything with a collar, colour is really attracting me at the moment. I can't resist picking up a brightly coloured top or dress and ignore all the greys, camels, mustards and rust colours. The last shirt is my favourite buy, its a light mint colour in real life (i know it looks white in the photo) and it just reminded me a lot of Alexander Wang s/s 2011. How depressing I'll have to wait a least another 2 months before I can wear these....*cries!*

Friday, 21 January 2011

Summer Inspiration

Knotted Shirts + Headscarfs

Dungarees (obvs without the big fur coat!)


lace/crochet/sheer maxi cardigans

Vintage Swimwear (i am determined to tone my tummy so i can wear something like this!)

 ...and basically all the dresses that Rachel McAdams wore in The Notebook

Maxi Shirts

Denim Dresses


Some things that I'm looking forward to purchasing/owning/wearing for the summer. However I'm currently wearing an adult baby grow and a disgusting fleece-type dressing gown...summer can NOT come soon enough. You hear me mother nature!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Outfit Post

fur coat; River Island
shirt; Topshop
wedges; Asos
bag; Primark
headband; Primark

How tiny and cute does the moon look haha. I think thats the smallest ive ever seen it!

Thursday, 6 January 2011


I'm trying to incorporate more girly items to my wardrobe and although I do own a shit-load of dresses already they still kinda have a masculine feel to them. So i'm opting for more floaty materials, pastel colours and lace. Oh and the shirt in the second photo was the thing I mentioned on my previous post....the thing that tried to be delivered when I was out and had no recollection of ordering lol. Well i remember now! and i'm so glad I did buy it because I LOVE it. It's vintage and the cut out shoulders make it perfect for summer...I cannot wait till the weather warms up.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

a great start to saving money!

My main resolution this year was to start saving and stop spending so much money on clothes. But at 2 in the morning last night I couldn't sleep and foolishly decided to check out the asos sale and ended buying those 2 peterpan collar dresses..then I went on to order the top right hand corner blouse from New Look and the Topshop shirt below and the bow tie from Urban Outfitters. I also got those shoes at £75 from topshop a day before new years eve on the condition I would return them if I decided not to wear them. Turns out I didn't end up wearing them for new years....and im still keeping them.

The worst thing is...
...i'm seriously tempted in buying these too. Whats even worse is...

...I had one of those slip thingys telling me I was out went something needed to be delivered and I cannot for the life of me remember what it is I ordered haaaha! 
Ok so more realistic (realistic for me) resolutions....1. learn how to use ebay....2. sleep at appropriate hours, my sleeping patterns are ridiculous...3. read more books...4. visit family more.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Random Christmas/New Years Photos

New Years Outfit; dress; Topshop.  boots; Topshop