Sunday, 18 September 2011

Outfit Post - Denim and Pleats

shirt; Topshop
skirt; New Look
boots; Asos
bag; TK Maxx
hat; TK Maxx

I only managed to get these 2 photos and then my camera decided to die on me...i think its a bit unclear what im wearing so i'll just tell you! I'm wearing a denim shirt tucked into a pleated skirt with a jacket and suede boots. :)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Outfit Post - Blackberry Fields

I went shopping last week and picked up this beatles top for £8 from the mens section in Primark....always, always check out the mens floor its great for graphic tees and oversized jumpers. I then went into Office and saw another pair of the jeffrey Campbell clogs but in black for £ naturally I picked those up too. I get to the till and their not only marked down to £15 but they had a 20% off sale so in the end I got them for £12...happy customer! And yes they hurt just as bad as the tan but I powered through. 
 t-shirt; Primark (mens)
skirt; Thrift
backpack; Vintage 
clogs; Jeffrey Campbell
arrowhead earrings; Forever 21

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Outfit Post - Red Skirt

skirt; Primark
top; Thrift
shoes; Topshop
bag; Vintage

I think this is the only time ive taken a photo when theres people around..and I do NOT like it lol. So I only managed these measly couple. I think a lace sleeveless top and a bright red sheer maxi skirt might of been a bit o.t.t just to wear to ikea but toned down with my trusty jacket and slouchy bag made it more casual. Does blogger make anyone elses photo quality worse? I swear these photos don't look this grainy!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Outfit Post - Cable Knit

I finally got my hands on a cable knit cardigan for £3.50! I just need a jumper version now. I'm going to have to throw out those sandals that I wear ALL the time..i've worn down the heel to complete unrepair lol. I'll have to find a new summer go-to shoe, but until then the weather has turned crap and its truly starting to feel like autumn...and I need a coat desperately!
 cardigan; Thrift
skirt; Thrift
vest; T by A.Wang
shoes; Topshop
bag; Vintage