Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Birthday Wishlist

brown sheepskin rucksack; River Island £34.99.   khaki cape parka; Miss Selfridge £42.   brown heeled hiking boot; River Island £39.99.   wide brim fedora; Asos £22.   Marc by Marc Jacobs gold plate steel watch; Asos £200.   knitted slouchy jumper; Topshop £38.   Dents suede animal trim gloves; Asos £25.  faux fur buckle gilet; Topshop £80.   leopard print moccasin; Zara £39.99.   knitted poncho; H&M £14.99.   hat; H&M £7.99

ok, so this is an obvious hint to any family members reading my blog...eeeeek! its my birthday Oct 6th where I will become an ancient 22 years of age :(....isn't it ridiculous how people in their 20's panic about being old...damn you media! I was soooo upset on my 20th birthday. I was convinced I'd be a teenager forever! I LOVE that episode of friends when they show how they all reacted on their 30th birthdays. I can see myself doing a Monica and getting horrendously drunk. But seriously 30 is NOT old...and neither is 22 :) Right im off to Boots to stock up on some RoC and Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler. ha!

oh and one more thing...

  I didn't have my blog on my 21st, but this was my cake! I loved it so much and im pretty sure if it wasn't for its chocolatey goodness I would of kept it forever....but it was just tooooo yummy! :)


  1. That cake is amazing! Whoever made it is very creative! If you think 22 is old then I must be ancient! lol ; )You're still a baby so don't worry! I hope your family reads your post so they can buy you everything on your wish list.

    Your fellow Libran, (as in Libra)

    Marie : )

  2. One of my best friends turns 22 on the 6th of October too! Happy birthday in advance, and that cake is amazing!