Thursday, 2 September 2010


Got a "new" shearling jacket....thrifted for £10. Major downside: it is SO very heavy! I look forward to having a sore back and shoulders this winter.
It looks A LOT nicer than it does on the photo...roll on my birthday when i'll get a new camera, yey :D
Sorry I havn't been doing...(wait is it "been" or "being")...doing any outfit posts but my camera really does suck a lot so I just dont see the my outfits these past few weeks havn't been really post worthy! I have completely lost my lack of desire to dress even slightly fashionable..maybe I should blog about something different until I get my mojo back or a least my new camera lol. But oooh I started a diet yesterday..maybe I could blog about how much my life sucks now that I can't eat my favourite foods! no? Have you guys seen that beyonce advert for her heat fragrance..I think its been out a while in other countries but I only saw it for the first time on uk tv the other day...she looks HOT! Theres one with Evan Rachel Wood for Gucci which is another seriously sexy advert.



  1. I love the jacket! It will definitely keep you warm ; ) Don't worry, sometimes I feel uninspired and don't want to "dress up" either, especially now, I'm feeling so lazy these days! What type of camera are you asking for for your birthday? And when's your birthday???

  2. Cute! Those seem to be really popular right now for the fall season :)