Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Kate Moss Last A/W Topshop Collection

Kate's very last collection for Topshop before Sir Philip Green hires his (extremely lucky) daughter to take the reigns. I'm not in love with the collection..its more of the same old same old and a lot of it doesn't really say autumn/winter to me. I do really like some of the embroided fringe dresses I've picked out in the photo above..but a lot of it really isn't my style :(


  1. I super don't like Kate Moss and have always stayed away from the Topshop collections but I cannot deny some of those items above are lush

    R x

  2. Oh, I love it quite a lot. The black embroidered fringe dress is definitely a favourite but I know it'll be at least around the £100 mark which sucks. Also love the fringed jacket, paisley kimono and cape...