Thursday, 30 September 2010


...quite possibly the prettiest and most stylish girl that ever lived!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Berry Lips

I've been wearing much darker lip shades these past few weeks, I guess to try and be a little more autumn/winter. I'm definitely a peach/nude kind of girl but I think deep reds and purples are really growing on me. I wore this lipstick out today only with MUCH less eyeliner...but for the sake of trying to take a pretty photo I put some more on...but you get the idea!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Oh! You Pretty Things

Frida and Abbey at MFW

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Outfit Post

cape; Oasis
wedges; Asos
hand muffler; ??
ring; Topshop

Friday, 24 September 2010


Alice Dellal Vogue Paris 2003

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Front Row - Olivia Palermo

Good god that woman can dress! These are just a few of my favourite photos of Olivia from NYFW and LFW.

Outfit Post

clogs; Zara
shirt; Primark

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Her Hair!

via studdedhearts

Rachel and I have a very love/hate relationship..this stems back as far as the o.c days..loved her when she wasn't dating Adam Brody hated her when she did. Fast forward a few her when shes not dating Hayden Christensen, hate her when she is. So right now (if my magazine sources are correct) I have so much love for this girl! and her beautiful, beautiful hair can be added to the list of things great about miss Bilson. Just stop dating all the gorgeous boys I like!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Topshop Unique SS11

Hair and Make Up


Front Row



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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Outfit Post

cardigan; Primark
top; Asos
fur scarf; H&M
bag; Thrift
boots; Asos
ring; H&M

p.s please ignore my mangled looking hand in the 4th frightened me too! :)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Outfit Post

cape; H&M
jeans; H&M
wedges; Asos
bag; TK Maxx

Sooooo sorry for the image overload! I got a little carried away taking pics and i'm a libran so it would be impossible for me to decide which ones I like, whack em all on! I was limited to wearing my hat indoors because it was SO unbelievably windy outside and I gave up chasing it down the road everytime it fell off....eugh, helloooo autumn!