Saturday, 25 June 2011

Over Summer Already?

Topshop A/W

After seeing these looks from Topshop I'm more than ready to see the back of Summer! I never thought I'd hear myself say that but these gorgeous multicolour furs thrown over equally gorgeous maxi dresses/skirts are too lovely not to want to wear right NOW. Also, how easy is the transition from summer to autumn....wear that same sheer, pleated maxi skirt you've been wearing the past 3 months and just add boots and fur gilet!


  1. MOST INTRIGUED about those hats! I do love a good hat! I've missed your blog.. for some reason it stopped coming up in my blog feed... but im absorbing all i have missed with much delight! (except the news about your lovely so sorry) :( xxx <3 Zoey @ makeshiftmodel xx

  2. noooooo I want more summer before fall comes over again! I AM IN DENIAL

  3. :) love it, something to look forward to in spring! Just lie Annebeth I prefer summer now though ;)

    X, Sarah

  4. I'm not ready to think about Fall just yet but I love the clothing! Did I tell you Canada will be getting Top Shop? So excited!