Sunday, 3 July 2011

Outfit Post - Fringed

fringe jacket; Topshop
vest; T by A. Wang
skirt; Thrift
clogs; Topshop
bag; Topshop

I bought this jacket from toppers yesterday on sale for £18 down from £50. I looooove it! It's everything I adore combined...fringe, crochet, cut-out details and I had to wear it immediately..ignoring the fact it was incredibly warm that day...totally worth it though :) I also bought the skirt the same day from a charity shop for £ too includes another of my loves...pleats! However, it is incredibly see-though and only realised this when seeing my reflection in a shop window...ah well, totally worth it too :D

ear cuff; Urban Outfitters

Hope your enjoying your weekend and the lovely weather we're having. x


  1. So pretty! I adore that skirt on you, such a fantastic fit.

  2. Adore that jacket, I tried it on in the sale too but they only had big sizes left and the arms were sooo long! Looks lovely on you though :o)

    Penny x

  3. Lovin the fringe!! And oh my LORD that earcuff is Fantastic:DD

  4. Hey hun! You look fab I love the outfit! And yes the skirt and jacket are fab :)


    love Amie

  5. Oh my god I need to get to Topshop! Really wanted that jacket when it was full price but was too expensive at the time! Yey for sales!
    Love it paired with the skirt as well... who cares if it's see-through... suffer for fashion? ha x

  6. lookin totally amazing! I will never get over how perfect those clogs of you are <3

  7. Ya, your jacket is pretty amazing! Your whole outfit is. I love the ear cuff too. And wow your hair is getting so LONG!

  8. I love how you mix modern and hippiesque pieces here! Beautiful look!

  9. Love your outfit! Fringes are always so nice! And that ear cuff is so lovely !

  10. Love all the floatyness :) This outfit is wonderful! Love your bargains - I too bought a pleated skirt from a charity shop recently and didn't realise it was see-through :/ ah well!

    Rosie x

  11. you have pretty pics ! lovely outfit !

  12. Lovely outfit. I too have an earcuff that I wear everyday, but it does not wrap around my ear, so only half the cool factor of yours ;)