Thursday, 28 July 2011

Outfit Post - Orange Pleats

Another pleated skirt to add to my neverending collection. I'll do a post one day and show you how many I have...its actually embarrassing. I just think they're so easy to wear and they look good with everything...chunky knits, crop tops, vests..etc. I've been carrying this vintage bag everyday for about a month now and I'm showing no signs of too happens to go with everything in my wardrobe and only cost me £18. Actually my entire outfit hardly cost me anything. The skirt was £2.50 my clogs were a gift, the a. wang vest I got using my chic points on chictopia and my cardi was about £35...topshop always makes me spend more than I normally would grrr.
  vest; T by A. Wang
skirt; Thrift
cardigan; Topshop
clogs; Topshop
bag; Vintage

...and heres a quick perview of my dalmation nails! The ombre/dip dye earrings are primark. :)


  1. i like you sooo much, style blog everything, I'm your new fan :)
    hope u want to take a look at my blog too ;)
    xx belfy

  2. The effect on the third photo is SO cool :)

  3. This skirt is amazing, I adore the photos!

  4. Lovely skirt and earrings,
    you have such a lovely style! :)

  5. lovely!!! im inlove with your skirt. Hope you're well and happy my dear!:)


  6. I love all of your skirts. A girl can never have too many! And you're right, they go with everything. I've been looking for a pleated one like yours in the exact same color!

    Your nails are really cute!

    Great photos!

  7. I just realized I used waaay too many exclamation points in my comment. Sorry!!!!!!!!

  8. The third photo hurt my head haha
    But I love this outfit!! The skirt is gorgeous, I agree they go with practically everything. And those nails are so cute :)