Friday, 7 May 2010

April Purchases

The majority of the stuff here is from good old topshop. I've definately gone for the same colour palette...unintentionally though, its only since ive put this together ive noticed my obsession for all things nude, beige and cream....are they the same colour?? The top right hand cardi ive worn to death this past month and you can see on my chictopia account ive worn for a least my last 5 posts haha. It's the perfect colour and goes with everything in my spring wardrobe and also its a great length for me...i wear a lot of leggings/jeggings and i like tops/cardigans to just cover my butt, legging bum is plain wrong! The cardi next to it is also topshop..and its by far my favourite purchase this month. It grunges up any pretty dress and stops things looking too dressy and more daytime appropiate. The swallow earrings are the sweetest things! They're gold plated and only cost £2.75 :)
Leatherette Flower Ring; Asos

....and i finally got hold of a chain harness that ive been wanting for about a year haha. I'm so happy asos decided to do their own instead of just selling the expensive brand ones. This was £ absolute bargain and ive been wearing it with just about really makes a simple, casual outfit look a lot more fashionable and CHIC! lol


  1. These are all such great buys! Everything is so feminine and pretty (except maybe the chain harness ha ha.) I especially like the cardigans and the star necklace. Everything will look great on you.

  2. you purchased all of this? wow, now I'm a bit jealous ;) I love Topshop, I wish we had it in germany, sigh.

    Happy Saturday!

  3. Naomi, i love your latest purchases! i love the old rose harems!

    do send me some love over at :)