Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Summer Inspiration

ok, so i want long, wavy, light brown/blonde hair, long draping maxi dresses, denim bralets, chunky gold jewellery, white crochet dresses, some serious flower headwear, vivid purple and pink eyeshadow, for the ability to be able to walk anywhere and everywhere with bare feet..and for the sun to be constantly shining down on me...please! :)

..and this is perhaps the most stunning advert ive ever seen in my life. its quite old now, but i still love watching it and abbey lee looks...heavenly, thats the only word i can think of! her australian accent is quite adorable too.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! These photos and the clothes capture the essence of summer perfectly. I especially love the first one with the flowers. And you're right - one of the most stunning advertisements yet!

  2. girl we SO have the same taste! :D I looooove that gucci ad, almost as much as the David Lynch one

    dreamy/creepy hotness!

    and I so want your summer too.

  3. The posts you put together are always SO inspiring! I love all these beautiful pictures! You have a great sense for style!

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