Saturday, 29 May 2010


So this is what I wore to see Sex and the City 2. We went to a midday showing so I didnt dress up or anything. I'm glad I went comfy because it was a loooong movie...completely worth the pins and needles though! I love this oversized jumper, I got it in a Topshop winter sale a few months back and ive worn it A LOT. It's perfect for the weather we've been having recently...warm enough to keep the chill out but also cool because of the sheer sections.

jumper; Topshop
skirt; H&M
shoes; Topshop
bag; TK Maxx
feather earrings; H&M


  1. LOVE your bag and shoes! Also the way you paired the shirt and skirt is really inspiring me!

  2. You look gorgeous, Naomi! I love the sheer jumper! I dressed comfy too when I saw it ; ) I think I enjoyed the first movie more but the second one didn't disappoint!

  3. I absolutely love your bag! Your top is also very stylish. =D


  4. You look awesome. Come check out my blog for a giveaway.

  5. you look fabulous in this outfit, dear!!!

    you know i love your purse!