Thursday, 4 August 2011

Winter Wants

navajo print coat; Asos £100     white fur collar coat + fur gilets; all Topshop prices unknown yet     Jeffrey Campbell Litas; Office £120    backpack; Topshop £32     hats; both New Look £9.99 each     gold spike earrings; Topshop £8   silver necklace; Forever 21 £5.65  silver spike earrings; Forever 21  £3.15

The title is pretty self-explanatory as to what these items are. Everytime I go shopping I never really go in search of something I need and as a result end up buying a tonne of stuff that a) i already have something similar to or b) it doesn't really fit in with the rest of my wardrobe. So I'm only allowing myself to buy these items for winter....and nothing else!! Now some of these are pretty pricey items but they are things that I do really really want and have loved for a while. I've wanted litas for god knows how long and they're going to go with all the maxi and midi skirts I own but also look cool with jeans. I also need a really nice statement coat and I saw this navajo print coat in an asos magazine last month and knew there and then I had to have it...I'm currently waiting patiently for asos to put it on the site...hurry up guys! I've wanted a backpack for a while now doesnt have to be that topshop one, but its a pretty nice example. Also from Topshop are the 3 jackets in the top right corner...I'm obviously not going to buy all 3, I get a feeling they're going to be in the £150 price range...but I've pined over those gilets since the previews for the collection came out. The hats....well because you can never own too many hats and they can transform a dull outfit....and the jewellery?....I am obsessed with spiked jewellery and own a total of zero pieces haha!
    So do you think I can do it?? Save my money for expensive items I really want and need or blow it all away in a mad shopping frenzy in primark. What are some of you winter wants?


  1. save for them its worth it, i used to be the same, as soon as i had money i would hit the high street and blow it all on £10 tops etc but now i dont, i prefer quality over quantity, it will be worth it in the end when your primark jacket or whatever has fell apart and you wished you just waited to get the piece you originally wanted.

  2. definately worth saving for litas! i really want some, do you know if its just office that sells them in the uk? i can't seem to find a website that has a good variety. love topshop's fur coats too :)

  3. All of these items are brilliant. I absolutely love Jeffrey Campbell's collection, I can see them being really comfy too, so in a way it would be a really practical investment? haha.

  4. I was just about to do a similer post! I love that ASOS jacket.
    I love the JC lita's I really want a black pair and a red pair, I know Nasty Gal sells them & so does Soulstruck.
    I also love the whole outfit of the first Topshop look, I'm also trying to be good and save up some pennies so I can buy it as soon as it hits the shop. I think saving up for something makes you appreciate it even more once you've got it, althought a small splurg in Primark is never to be frowned upon :) xo