Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Outfit Post - Sort Of...

I feel a bit of dick doing a fashion post right now in the midst of whats going on but flicking from one news station to the next then twitter and facebook...its making me crazy. My hometown looks wrecked as do many other cities and i've seen footage of shops being burnt to the ground, police cars set alight, endless violence and looting. I have friends that work right in the city centre and my dads a police officer whos having to deal with everything right now...its a scary time and I don't want it to get any worse. I hope the rest of the world knows we're not all like that. I dont mind protests and stuff when its for a cause but these are just opportunists jumping on the bangwagon. Violence and frightening people is not fighting the government.
However, life can't stop and we must go on.
jumper; ??
skirt; Primark
bag; Vintage
clogs; Topshop

These pics were taken the day before the riots. Theres nothing fancy in that selfridges bag btw...just some hershey's bars lol. I had my first one in New York some years back and it tasted like vomit covered in a thin layer of chocolate haha...so I decided to give them another go and they were yummy. I'd obviously had a bad batch the first time round. The prize for the most unflatting jumper goes to...the one i'm wearing! I love chunky knits but this makes my arms look butch haha...i will unroll the sleeves next time. I went shopping with mum..(aren't shopping trips with mothers the best, she always pays for lunch lol) I'm proud to announce I stuck to my winter wants list and its safe to say I can tick off about 4 things. I've also ordered something from the list that will be here any day now...i'm super excited about it!!

I hope everyone stays safe tonight!


  1. That gorgeous navajo coat is in asos now, I was flicking through yesterday and I saw it and it reminded me of your post. I agree with you about the riots, the majourity of people have just jumped on the bandwagon and half of them don't even know what the protests were about in the first place! I hope your Dad is ok and all of your friends. xo

  2. What a lovely outfit :) I'm a big fan of your blog and have been following you forever.

    I completely agree with what you're writing: of course not all people are like that. I hope everything will get back under control soon and go back to normal!


  3. I've been thinking about you and wondering if you were in the midst of it all and unfortunately I just found out you are. I don't know how human beings can act like such idiots. They need to have their citizenship taken away and jailed for life. It disgusts me. I hope this ends soon. And I pray that your Dad stays safe.

    On a brighter note, you look gorgeous. Your vibrant red skirt looks beautiful on you!

    I so want those Lolita boots on your wishlist. Did you get them??

  4. You're so right about the riots... so scary and unnecessary! I really hope they stop and that people realise we're not all like the people involved. I hope your friends and Dad are safe!

    However, despite all that you look lovely! The skirt is to die for!


  5. You name it! That's exactly what I commented on an other English blog yesterday: It's awesome when people go outside and stand up for their beliefs - but not in such a manner! I bet most of the opportunists don't even remember the trigger of what's happening now in England. It's on the news here in Germany all day as well and I'm sorry for all the innocent people that are involved and it makes me crazy either. Hope the situation will calm down soon.

    Nevertheless I had to laugh about the vomit covered in chocolate :D Hm yummy....
    And I have the same problem with rolled up sleeves. I love heavy knit pieces but my arms are not the skinniest, so I can totally relate to this issue and I think you look lovely and pretty as usual though :) I always admire how your make up seems to be just perfect.