Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Whole Bunch Of Inspiration

I came across this really cool street style site based in Tokyo
Their style is really out there, very theatrical, essentric and really really wonderful to look at. The girls (and most of the boys) look like walking pieces of art and embrace extravagant, bold fashion, bringing couture to the streets.
These photos ive chosen are more of the "safe" outfits, because although they do all inspire me and ive been gawping at this site for about an hour straight now, i know il never wear a bunch of teddy bears for a necklace or creepers that are about 10 inches high!

ok, thats all for now. hope you've been inspired!! :)


  1. Yes I've been inspired thank you : ) My favorite is the first pic. I will have to check out that site from Tokyo, sounds interesting!

  2. Gosh, you wouldn't believe how overwhelmingly inspiring this was! I especially love caroline, she's fantastic, isn't she?! <3
    Great collection of awesome looks!

    I'm doing a little giveaway at the moment, check it out on my blog if you like!

    Have a lovely day! :)

  3. Cool photo set! Great job.
    Nice blog too ;)

    kisses from Russia,