Monday, 19 April 2010

maxi skirt

My outfit from yesterday. I wanted to be comfy so opted for a maxi skirt, vest and cardi. I added some rosary beads and a pair of circle lennon glasses to give a more...hippie vibe maybe?? I felt very Mary Kate wearing this, i always look to her when she wears oversized stuff and maxi skirts and dresses, because like me shes very very short and we're constantly told as short people we shouldn't wear long garments haha. But she pulls it off so well so i definately look to her for inspiration copy her!

cardigan; Topshop. maxi skirt; River Island. Boots; Aldo.


  1. Your hair is fantastic! I've been loving the maxi dress and large, loose tops trend.

  2. I love this long, layered look on you and your rosary necklace is lovely. Eat your heart out, Mary Kate! These photos are great! What kind of camera do you use?

  3. Loving the maxi skirt. You pulled the Mary Kate look off sooo good.

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  4. marie: these were taken on my mobile haha! but the camera i usually use is some crappy samsung compact camera...i want yours!! how much did you have to pay for yours? im seriously thinking about getting one but my limit really would have to be £500..i have no idea what that is in dollars lol...probably about 750.

  5. great outfit, love these pictures

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  7. Really love the cardi. It´s great.
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  8. My camera was $599.00 Canadian. It was a bit of a splurge for me ; )

  9. Beautiful cardi!!