Wednesday, 14 April 2010

boys, boys, boys

just guys with great style who also happen to be really cute, enjoy. haha :)

 kid cudi

brandon flowers

caleb followill
i actually liked him how he used to look and dress...ok ok il find a pic of how he looks now!

james dean

kurt cobain


 julian (the strokes)

mr west

ooooo jared leto

cary grant :D

the kasabian lads

ol' blue eyes

...and the most stylish of them all...Robert Zimmerman..aka Bob Dylan haha.

ok thats all i can think of! let me know if you think of anymore :)


  1. Thank you for posting these delicious photos. My favorite is/was James Dean. Gawd, he was so classically handsome with a bad-boy vibe that reflected in the clothes he wore. And even though Kanye's a douche he still has great style!
    P.S. You can have my cheekbones if I can have your flawless skin and make-up skills. Deal?

  2. haha your very very welcome marie! james dean was a god and there will never be another man like him, ever! and god kanye is a complete douche but he made shutter shades cool again, so we can forgive him. oh and thats definately a deal!!

  3. i love them so muchhhhh <3<3<3
    very nice blog!!!!;)
    pass o my blog and follow me!!!
    xoxo francesca

  4. God, I really love the photos you put together here!
    I've been always into these rock or grunge guys like Kurt Cobain and Jared Leto and so <3
    Another pretty cool guy is Michael Pitt (Google finds lots of photos), I think. Do you know him? Well, it's a matter of taste of course ;) but I think he even was Kurt Cobain in a Nirvana movie?!

  5. no ive never heard of him, but ive just googled..and he does have very cool style! ive heard robert patterson is playing kurt in a new movie. im not sure how thats going to work?! they are nothing alike at all, haha :)

  6. you have a great taste in men! from the moment a boy has style, they become MEN to me :D

    you can add Josh Homme from queens of the stone age to that list, he is so hot and his rockabilly style suits him perfectly. And Joshua Jackson dresses pretty much perfectly thanks to Diane Kruger's influence :D

    and people should lay off kanye! he was probably drunk when he ticked taylor off so it wasn't conscious douchbaggery, and love lockdown is such a great song! and he is kind of hot :D

  7. I LOVE it when guys have Great style! Really great post and kid cudi and kanye are my favorite!